Provider Overview: Nationwide Annuities

Published: 10th August 2009
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Nationwide Financial Services is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. The company currently has statutory assets worth more than $135 billion and is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Nationwide actually started out in 1925, as a small mutual automotive insurer that was owned by the policyholders. This company was called the Ohio Bureau Mutual Auto Insurance Company. Today, Nationwide is a leading provider of long-term savings and retirement products to customers in the United States. In addition to annuity products, the company also provides private and public sector group retirement plans, life insurance and investment advisory services, banking products and services, and mutual funds.

Nationwide sells its products through various entities which include unaffiliated groups and independent brokers and dealers. The company believes that this diverse distribution network allows them to effectively reach customers in the retirement savings market. Nationwide also relies on its rich history to attract clients. "Nationwide is on your side" is one of the most familiar advertising slogans to be used by a corporation in America.

In terms of annuities, Nationwide offers customers flexibility. Clients can chose to invest in lump sums or to invest over a period of time. The can also chose between immediate and deferred annuities. Finally, Nationwide annuities can be either fixed or variable depending on the investors needs.

Nationwide offers five deferred fixed annuity products and fourteen variable annuity products as listed below. One of the variable Nationwide annuities is an immediate annuity. The other thirteen are deferred annuities.

Deferred Fixed:

• Nationwide┬« Eagle Plus

• Nationwide Platinum III

• Nationwide Platinum V Plus

• Nationwide Quatro Select Annuity

• Nationwide Trio Select+SM

Deferred Variable:

• Nationwide DestinationSM [C] Annuity

• Nationwide DestinationSM [L] Annuity

• The Best of America Achiever Annuity

• The Best of America┬«America's FUTURE Annuity II

• The Best of America All American Gold Annuity

• The Best of America Future Venue Annuity

• The Best of America Choice Venue Annuity II

• The Best of America Elite Venue Annuity

• America's marketFLEX II Annuity

• The Best of America IV

• The Best of America V

• The SoloistSM

• Nationwide Income ArchitectSM Annuity

Immediate Variable:

• The Best of America America's INCOME Annuity

All Nationwide annuities offer an option that includes death benefits.

Nationwide's fees and charges vary for each of the annuity products. Charges can include an administration and maintenance fee, a contingent deferred sales charge, a mortality and expense risk charge, a premium tax, a short-term trading fees, and an underlying mutual fund expenses charge. It is best to understand the entire fee and charge information before an annuity is purchased.

If an investor is considering purchasing a Nationwide annuity, it is also important to understand the financial strength of the company. The top rating agencies have given Nationwide ratings toward the higher end of the scales. For example, Standard & Poors has rated the company A+. This is the 5th highest category of 21. A.M. Best has rated Nationwide as A+ which is the 2nd highest category of 15. Finally, Fitch has rated the company as A+ which is the 5th highest rating of 21.

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